Our Mission

We seek to alleviate poverty for refugees through technology and education.

Our thesis for enacting change is equipping disconnected refugee populations with software development skills for a changing professional world. We connect refugee students with programming education in order to lift them out of dire economic/political circumstances and allow them to express themselves on the modern canvas: technology.

Students who learn to program become better architects of their future and can express themselves creatively with coding projects. In addition to equipping our students with the necessary tools to innovate, we also train them vocationally to obtain high-paying software engineering and design jobs at startups across the world.


Academy founded

Starting as seminars and workshop in the Phoenix area, we organized events for the local refugee community to promote technology and coding.


Rollout in Africa

A convergence of luck and hard work, we were granted permission to begin testing VR programs in refugee camps in Tanzania. We have been hosting events in camps and cities, and are currently working on rolling out our first program in Malawi.